Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mikayla & Danielle

Mikayla and Danielle (my God daughters) have recently embarked on their "patchwork journey". They have traced and stitched several designs and we have "converted" the completed pieces into beautiful cushions. The girls have selected their fabrics and we have spent a couple of days together to complete these beautiful works of art. With 3 sons of my own, it is nice to be able to share my passion with the girls. Yesterday I took them on their first trip to the Melbourne Quilt show at "Jeff's Shed". We had a ball, sitting in on "how to" workshops, some hands on work shops - plenty of shopping and of course admiring all of the beautiful quilts. Both girls are already showing a keen interest to move into making their first quilts and we have already chosen a simple yet effective design. Well done Mikayla and Danielle - "AJ" is very proud of you both.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

This time it's birthday cakes

Cake made for Thomas' 1st birthday.
Cake made for Caitlyn's 3rd birthday.

About time!

Well here I am at last. I have been rather slack with the blog and have been meaning to upload some new shots for a while. No excuse really other than life has just been busy. So here's some photos.

Saltbox houses. A BOM that I bought years ago and finally decided to prep it. I am not sure if I still like it and I have had to find some backing fabric for the missing block as there wasn't enough in that part of the kit. There is a lot of applique followed by a lot of stitching the leaves on the trees. All the houses need to have windows and doors appliqued on too. The jury is out at the moment as to whether I continue with it.

I love this table topper. Very easy pattern, however can be quite wasteful with fabric.

This is a cute design "Poire Sampler" by Cath at Willow Valley Store. A lot of fun to stitch and includes some colouring in! Check out Cath's blog! She has some great designs and writes so well. Always worth a read!

This is another of Cath's great designs.

Another one of Cath's designs. I stitched this one for my friend Jenny's birthday.