Saturday, July 4, 2009

About time!

Well here I am at last. I have been rather slack with the blog and have been meaning to upload some new shots for a while. No excuse really other than life has just been busy. So here's some photos.

Saltbox houses. A BOM that I bought years ago and finally decided to prep it. I am not sure if I still like it and I have had to find some backing fabric for the missing block as there wasn't enough in that part of the kit. There is a lot of applique followed by a lot of stitching the leaves on the trees. All the houses need to have windows and doors appliqued on too. The jury is out at the moment as to whether I continue with it.

I love this table topper. Very easy pattern, however can be quite wasteful with fabric.

This is a cute design "Poire Sampler" by Cath at Willow Valley Store. A lot of fun to stitch and includes some colouring in! Check out Cath's blog! She has some great designs and writes so well. Always worth a read!

This is another of Cath's great designs.

Another one of Cath's designs. I stitched this one for my friend Jenny's birthday.

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