Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day in Nashville

After brekky this morning we caught a cab into Downtown Nashville and hopped on a tour bus that circulates the sights. We got off at one site that was meant to be antiques but there was none to be found. A well earned coffee was had and we went to wait for the bus again to go on to the next stop. After waiting almost an hour for the bus, it finally arrived and we hopped back on for the rest of the sights. After walking around and exploring, we decided to have a drink in one of the saloons with live bands playing. I even had my first Corona - went down a treat. Mind you, we did have to tell the bar tender how to make a lemon, lime and bitters!!!! We met our Paducah tour hostess at the hotel this morning and she recommended Wild Horse Saloon, so this is where we went for a hurried dinner as we had to be back at the hotel for the Tour meeting. A quick dinner was had, but Jenny and Jennifer managed to fit in some line dancing lessons.

We have just had our tour meeting and met up with Diane from Melton and 2 ladies from NSW. There are 53 on the tour altogether with a party of 14 from Brazil and others from all over the US.

It is now off to one of the rooms for coffee and a chat as we have to be up early in the morning to head to Paducah. We have to have our bags outside the door of our rooms at 7am and the bus leaves at 8.30am!!!!

The tour guide also informed us that Paducah is flooded so the exhibition centre is flooded also. They have a flood wall and the exhibition centre is within the confines of the wall so floods. The hotel and all the shops etc are outside the wall so all is okay from the tour perspective. In fact, it has apparently put us in a better position to visit everything.

Well better go, hope to get some photos up soon.

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