Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paducah - Sat 30/4/11

Good morning You'all,

I seemed to have picked up a southern accent!! Around here everyone is called Miss Julie or Miss Jenny, but we are just referred to as Miss Australia!! That will be the only time in my lifetime someone calls me that!!!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that we caught the shuttle into Downtown after waiting 45 minutes for it and going around every stop. It terminated at the Pavillion and we asked "are you going to the visitor centre" No, the bus stops here!! We were pretty shitty by this stage as a 10 minute trip had taken over an hour and eaten into "our" shopping time!!! We all got off the bus in a huff, had a heated conversation with the Bus co ordinator and stormed off to walk to our destination. As we were walking along, a fellow called out and said "I've got room for 5". I turned around and it was a golf buggy with a pick up tray on the back! I yelled to the others, come one and we raced over. As we got to the buggy, I thought you is going to be in the tray!! Noone was the answer, 2 of us squeezed in with the driver and the other 3 were in the back. He the proceeded to drive us what would have taken us 5 minutes to walk! It was so funny and he said I'm just going to be a little illegal now and he drove on the wrong side of the road (our right side) and as he did, there was a bloke in a motorised scooter coming towards us. Imagine that on the news! Golf buggy head on with motorised scooter - Driver and passengers saved by bags of fabric!!!!! We do have photos to prove it too!

We started the Aussie chant yesterday and they definately think we are mad. In fact the girls from Brazil said that the Americans think them and us are from another planet. As we say, we didn't pay all that money not to enjoy ourselves.

Anyway off for brekky - toast and vegemite (thanks to Chris)


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