Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paducah - Friday 29th April 2011

Firstly, Happy 20th birthday to my son, Matthew!

Today we got up for brekky and caught the tail end of Wills and Kate. When we went Downtown Ros and Jenny Mc found an op shop and purchased some hats to wear for the day!!!

We went shopping this morning...... again!!!

Then at 11.15 we went to the Episcopal church for a luncheon. Sandwiches, Salad, Cup cakes and ice tea in a lovely church with quilts adorning the walls.. All for $8.95. It was really nice and a true indication of the southern hospitality. We even met the mayor of Paducah!!!

After lunch, onto the 1st Baptist church to view more of the AQS quilts and listen to a talk on New York Beauty quilts!

After lunch, back down town for more browsing and shopping (Honey, I got the pie bird!!!).

Early dinner at Max's restaurant - awesome meals all round! I even had a Corona with dinner. A corona a day has become my thing!!!! Probably won't touch another one when I get home.

After dinner, we went to the Ricky Timms revue, not only is this man an amazing quilter but he sings and plays piano and boy, does he know how to tell a story.

Tomorrow we are off for those last minute things that we must have!! and we are also taking a walking tour of Paducah's historic houses.

Jenny from Oregon and her mum Lynn from Wyoming

100 year old Court House steps quilt - only $900 but beautiful!

Mint quilt bought yesterday by one of the

USA girls.

Jenny Mc and her $15 hat!!!

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  1. That mint dogwood quilt is just esquisite! Bet your Coronas are like my hamburgers - great in the US but pretty crappy when you get home...!
    Glad you are having a blast.