Monday, April 25, 2011

Nearly there!!

We were up around 4.30am Sunday (Melbourne time) it is now 9.30 am Monday morning (Melbourne time) and we are at Denver airport waiting for the connection to Nashville. We are 5 very weary travellers looking forward to a decent nights sleep.

Limo ride to the airport was an awesome way to go!!

No problems so far apart from some shocking turbulence on the Sydney to LA leg of the journey.

Only 1 hiccup at USA customes when the Customs officer told Jenny W after fingerprinting her and taking her photo that he just needed a little blood sample. The look on Jenny's face when he produced the stapler and said it wouldn't hurt much was priceless!!!!!

We all did the right thing too and declared our half eaten Lindt Easter bunnies, much to the amusement of airport staff.

1 comment:

  1. You managed to eat only HALF a Lindt bunny?! Such restraint! Looking forward to more snippets from your trip, when you've slept :)