Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paducah, KY, USA

Well, after a sleepless night waiting for the alarm to go off at 6am, we headed off on the bus for Paducah, KY. After a rest stop at Whitehaven and a beautiful old white house, we arrived in Paducah about 2.5 hours. First stop was a drive around Paducah - a quaint little town - just like Stars Hollow (Gilmour Girls), then we were let loose for 2 hours. The whole town turns out for the quilt show, every shop regardless of what they are selling has quilts on display in the window. Antique quilts and blocks have been purchased (not by our group yet). Let's just say we are all overwhelmed with the country let alone the quilting stuff!!!

After this stop, we headed on to Hancocks of Paducah - Let's see, how to describe it!! Bunnings for quilters. For those who know Gail B's this is 20 times the size!!!!!!!Huge place with fabric everywhere. US$5.98 per yard for some of the fabric that we can pay $20 for back home. The prices and choice is so overwhelming. OMG - we all purchased something!!!!

On to the hotel to settle in, we are now having happy hour and will meet in Ros' room (the common room for this leg of the journey) and have a quick bite to eat before we head off to the preview of the quilt show.

I have seen plenty of Mustangs and Chargers on the journey so far and the girls told me I couldn't bring one home. But I reckon if I put it in a shipping container I could surround it with fabric to cushion it! I've seen an ad on tv for a reverse mortgage and wonder if I could get one while I am here!! (only joking honey).

The weather started out shitty today but once we got to Paducah it was fine. Severe storms are looming but we are all okay and safe.

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