Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paducah - Wednesday 27th April, 2011

Well another jam packed day today. Visited Circuit City and Staples (Don't ask about the names!) to check out more vendors and some of the winning quilts from Lancaster Show back in March. (Jenny Bacon (Vic Quilter's President had a quilt on display). Some awesome quilts to see and tooooooooo many things to buy!!!! That reverse mortgage is looking good!!

All of our Melbourne group went to the Quilt museum yesterday and said it was fabulous (I'm going today). The other lady from Melbourne that we have met (Di) picked up a feedsack antique quilt yesterday for $20!!!! Bargain of the day!

Ros and I walked along the flood wall taking in all of the murals and we went up on the observation deck to see what the river was doing as we could hear it lapping at the wall! This is one of the murals.

This is the river, let me tell you it is no Yarra River. At the bottom of the picture is the top of the flood wall!!! The wall is around 4 metres tall and the river is lapping the bottom! It is expected to near the top of the wall by next Wednesday - we will be gone by then. Apparently it is normally around 46 feet down to the river on a 10% gradient, so this is a lot of water and not seen since the floods of 1937!!

Having our photo taken with one of Paducah's fire fighters. Our Ros even got to sit in the truck!!!

Anyway, need to head off for breakfast now, but if you couldn't read the number plate in yesterday's photo of Chris it said "Warning Quilter on the move".

Love to all

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