Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last night in Paducah - 30/4/11

Well what a day today! Everyones legs are just about to give up!! Last minute shopping this morning, lunch at Kirchoff's deli - great Rueben sandwiches (Corn Beef, Cheese and Sauerkraut on dark rye) I loved these sandwiches last time and they are still good this time.
At 2pm we went on a walking tour of the historic homes in downtown Paducah. Some great apartment type blocks, some beautiful old homes. The favourite was the Belle Louise, which is now just a show home but is full of history. The library has all the old civil war memorabilia, medals, flags, pictures etc. I literally could not breathe in this home. There was 2 guides in this home that were dressed in civil war uniforms. Turns out this house was once a funeral home and there is a spirit of an 8 yo girl who died of Scarlet Fever. I think maybe the spirits made a connection with me. It was the only house that I could not breathe in, but it was the most beautiful home. All in all we took in about 9 houses and you could actually go in each of them, and meet the owners etc who showed you around, told you history of the home etc.
On the way back to the hotel I saw a sign that said 2005 home for $89,950. I would rather one of the old ones with character. (That reverse mortgage is getting bigger!)
Picked up by the bus and back to the hotel for a quick rest, then off to dinner. A place called Mr Bills where we had BBQ pork for dinner and I had Pecan Pie with cream and bananas. Very rich. This place was right out of the 1800's - old log cabins with shops in them as well as the restaurants. Very different. The waiter recited 17 different desserts to us and told us that they have 9 days of training and if they can't recite the whole menu after 9 days they are not allowed to serve tables and can only work in the kitchen.
Back home to the hotel but first a tour via the dam, where they are letting water out to try and alleviate some of the problems. Raining again tonight for the next few days and they are expecting peak flooding by mid next week.
We are off to Nashville tomorrow and fly out to Philadelphia and drive on to Lancaster County!

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  1. Your southern accent comes through loud & clear..... of a night do you all say "night Jenny...... night Julz" like they did on little house on the prairie ????

    Julie, your trip sounds like fun. I hope you are taking heaps of photos. We'll have to catch up when you get back. Do you think the house you couldn't breathe in was really haunted?
    If you see Kathy Schmitzs new fabric line (Full Circle) while you are there have a peek at the selvedge, it's so nice, there are little birds instead of dots!