Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amish country-Tuesday 3/5/11

Off to breakfast at Dienner's - $5.95 for breakfast buffet, then off to the Lancaster quilt museum which is currently displaying 15 of 82 Amish quilts from the Esprit collection. Awesome to see and a wonderful guide to explain the quilts and their history. Off to information center and a small Amish exhibition. Quick visit here and over to the farmer's market for coffee and a light lunch. Onto the Mennonite info centre to watch a short movie on the Amish and get some further info.
Jenny W found that part of the underground railroad system had been discovered underneath the Marriott hotel and 2 weeks ago it was confirmed as such. We went to visit this and also the houses that were a part of this system during years gone by. The Marriott also housed an old famous house, but rather than knocking it down to build the hotel, they built the hotel around the house and preserved the house and history.
Over to the DFO outlets for some retail therapy! Some bargains were had here and they weren't fabric! Stopped at the Olive garden for dinner - a lovely Italian restaurant, food was good and I had my daily corona!
Home for show and tell of the days purchases and we are now watching the movie Witness as we have a tour of the farm where it was filmed tomorrow. Up early tomorrow as we are heading to the Mennonite Relief centre at Ephrata to view Mennonite women sewing etc. Should be interesting.
We have quickly realized that we will not have enough time here to see everything.
No photos at the minute as I can't work out how to upload them from my camera to the IPad!
PS - I am getting the hang of this backward driving thing, can't go wrong with Ros navigating and Jenny W telling me to stay right!
Freeway driving yesterday was 55mph, but we were being passed all the time, so clearly that is a suggested speed and they just do what they like!!!!!!

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