Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lancaster County - May 4, 2011

Cold and wet today, only about 48F. Up bright and early today so we could be at Ephrata by 8.45 am to attend the Mennonite Relief Centre, wo watch some Mennonite women quilting. Fantastic time here, a huge relief centre that helps aid groups all around the world. Jenny W even stitched a few stitches into a quilt top.
Lunch at Intercourse and a walk around the shops! Even found that there was a place called Virginville, not far from Paradise! Lord knows who invented some of these names!
Off home for a cuppa, show and tell and a little rest. It's tough work shopping and if we don't see another fabric store for a while, it wil be too soon.
Headed off for the tour around the farm where Witness was filmed. I think the driver has seen better days, but off we went on a tour of the countryside and 3 covered bridges. The farm was just like in the film, but 25 years on it is a little worse for wear. We were met by Shannah the golden retriever and 4 Amish children who sold us some rhubarb muffins that mum had made.
Went to plain and fancy farm for dinner for a yum cha style meal. Left there with a full belly and headed home for the night.

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