Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Philadelphia/Bird in Hand - May 2nd 2011

Ros and I Picked up the car this morning - a Chrysler Town and Country (mini van x Suv) and headed back to the hotel to collect the girls and luggage. It's just not right driving on the wrong side of the car and road! Luggage and passengers on board, we headed off to Longwood Gardens (once owned by Pierre Du Pont). He bought 1077 acres just because he wanted to save the trees. he and his wife had no children, so when they passed they left the property and his estate to the public. Today, there is around 300 acres of beautiful gardens, water features, conservatory and the old home open to the public. There is a wall of plants that contains over 45000 plants and is just spectacular. The conservatory is full of beautiful plants and flowers. Some spectacular Orchids on display. There are also 3 adult size tree houses that you can climb! There was a pipe organ on display and being played that had over 10,000 pipes - just a few pipes less than the one at the Sydney Opera House. We spent a few hours wandering here, amongst a beautiful tulip display before we headed on t Bird in Hand. A nice drive to Bird in hand, we came across a buggy being pulled by 4 Clydesdales. I thought he indicated to pass, but after we had passed him, he turned left! He was in fact indicating! I will be looking out for more hand indicators from now on.
We had a lovely dinner at Dienner's - a Mennonite restaurant where it was all you can eat for $9.95. We had clam chowder, meatloaf and chicken and veggies, followed by dessert! Given that it was so cheap, we are going back for breakfast. ($5.95)
Quick trip to the 24 hour Walmart for tea and coffee supplies and then back home to sew and relax.
Heading to the quilt museum tomorrow in Downtown Lancaster.

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  1. Hi Jules and hello to all the girls, you all sound like you're having a terrific time, hope Chris is'nt chasing all those cowboys and since when does Jenny Mc wear a hat? Yes Bin Laden death was big news here and Australia sat down to watch Will and Kate on Friday night. All is well on the home front,. can't wait to hear all your news and gossip when you get home Michelle McKillop