Friday, May 6, 2011

May 5th, 2011

Breakfast at Miller's, very nice omelets and waffles. Off to Intercourse again for one last visit to a quilt store, then followed some back roads to a couple of farm shops. More quilts were purchased, this time some made by Amish women. Lunch was at a place called Two cousins, where we enjoyed garlic bread, salad and soup all for $4.99. Very nice indeed, A visit to another fabric shop and antique shop then on to a place for a buggy ride. Kate the horse did not seem too impressed at going out again for the 30 min drive. The guide was a very knowledgeable Mennonite man who took us through an Amish farm. When ever a car, bus or buggy arrives at a farm, the children come out to sell their wares. Cookies, pretzels, muffins and the like. We all enjoyed the buggy ride although it was a bit squishy in the back! Stopped at Kaufman's Deli and bought some cheese and fruit to have with wine. Came back to the house, took some photos and went for a walk then settled on the porch sipping wine and eating cheese and fruit. Very enjoyable as it was a lovely sunny day.
Packed our cases tonight as we head for Philadelphia tomorrow!

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