Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good bye Paducah

This is one of the dresses on display in the "Haunted" Belle Louise home. I might add that I do believe there is spirit activity as I actually felt a presence before the guide told us that there had been ghost sightings!! Believe it or not!!

This house was called the Mary Jane, absolutely beautiful - on the outside. Now owned by an artist who had painted all of the walls Bright Hot Pink etc.. An injustice to this piece of beauty.

The token photo of me - with Ricky Timms. A very talented and funny man.

Well, we are pulling out at 8.00 am today and our bags have to be packed and outside our room door by 7am. Mission achieved, but I'm telling you - that case of mine has definately put on weight!!!!

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  1. Love that photo of you, Julz. I'm really enjoying your travel snippets - almost feel like I'm there!